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The Denver Broncos sign away Baltimore Ravens 5th rounder Robert Myers

The 5th round pick has been poached off of the Ravens practice squad

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

If the Ravens had plans for offensive lineman Robert Myers in the future, they will have to put them on hold. The rookie guard has been signed off of the Ravens' practice squad by the Denver Broncos, which means they have to add him to their 53 man roster.

The Ravens drafted Myers in the fifth round of this year's draft with the 175th overall pick. Myers was a bit of a project coming out of a small school and after struggling in camp and preseason, and he was released on September 5th. Myers was claimed off of waivers the next day by the Indianapolis Colts, who would waive him five days later. The Ravens would sign him to the practice squad 10 days later on September 21st.

The Ravens have had success with offensive linemen drafted in the lower rounds with John Urschel, Ricky Wagner, and now Ryan Jensen being able to come in and be productive starters. Robert Myers was just too raw to make an impact this year and the Broncos snatched him away before the Ravens were able to develop him.