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Signing Ryan Mallet would be a very bad idea for the Ravens

Quarterback Ryan Mallett acted about as unprofessional a human being could be with the Houston Texans. Yet the Ravens are giving him a tryout. So being unprofessional can land you millions of dollars these days? Only if you have talent I guess.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Let's cut to the chase. Free agent quarterback Ryan Mallett was recently cut by the Houston Texans due to his lack of professionalism- not being on time for meetings, not being on time to get on the plane with the rest of the team and pretty much acting like he didn't want to be part of the team when Texans head coach Bill O'Brien promoted quarterback Brian Hoyer ahead of Mallett on the depth chart.

Mallett did the things that would get anyone fired at any other job- not only America, but probably all over the world. And Mallett eventually got fired by the Texans. Yet, here are the Baltimore Ravens willing to give him a tryout as Matthew Stevens discussed here.

Signing Mallett goes against everything the Ravens stand for. The Ravens over the years have always gone by the mantra of, "Play like a Raven" which pretty much means play hard, study hard, play with integrity and be a professional on and off the field. Mallett's recent actions show none of those things.

If Mallett gets signed by the Ravens, it just proves that talent will always override hard work. To be honest, I don't even think Mallett is that good to begin with.

This team is 4-7 with five games left with a roster filled with players who have tried hard in every game this season as the Ravens have set an NFL record with all 11 of their games being decided by eight points or less. And they are thinking about bringing in a guy who could bring in a bad vibe to the locker room?

I have always written before that the Ravens have players on their roster who give it their all, win or lose. I won't be able to say that if Mallett is signed.

Maybe I'm over thinking this. But a signing like this would just prove to people who go on with their regular every day lives, that when people say,  "Working hard and being a professional is always the way to go" you will know for sure it is a lie. I guess you can get away with that if you have talent.