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Johnny Manziel continues his partying ways

The Browns QB just can't seem to keep his head down...

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel is really giving Joe Namath and Ken Stabler a run for their money. A video has surfaced of the Cleveland Browns second year QB partying on Christmas Day with a bottle of Four Loko in his hand.

Browns coach Mike Pettine has yet to speak to Manziel about the video. This isn't the first incident with Johnny this year, as he was investigated for a domestic incident with his girlfriend in October and he was demoted to the third string in November behind Austin Davis after Browns' coaches discovered that he was lied about partying during the Browns' bye week.

This comes after Manziel went to rehab in the offseason for his alcohol issues and promised to be a more mature player for the Browns, claiming that his "Johnny Football" persona was no more. It seems that Johnny did not take the rehabilitation process very seriously and Johnny Football appears to be alive and well.

Rumors are swirling that this latest incident and Johnny's 2-6 record as a starting quarterback just might spell the end of the young quarterback's days as a Cleveland Brown, with the team attempting to evaluate him as a starting quarterback and figure out whether it is time to move on from him. If that is the case than C.J. Mosley might never get that hit on Johnny Manziel that he was hoping for, and the Cleveland Browns will have to use yet another first rounder in the search to find their franchise quarterback. Fortunately for the Browns, they slot in the top 2 with a chance to get the first overall pick if the Tennessee Titans can get a win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, although the Titans have no need at quarterback with Marcus Mariota coming along nicely, so barring a trade down they should have their pick of the lot. Jared Goff and Paxton Lynch are the early favorites at quarterback to go in the top 5.