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Ravens Vs. Steelers Final Score: Offensive Report Card.

The Ravens offensive grades

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After a crazy turn of events the Ravens decided to start a quarterback with less than two weeks experience on the squad. People questioned the decision, but clearly the end result proved successful as the Ravens may possibly have knocked the Pittsburgh Steelers from play-off contention.

Quarterback: A-

Now the defense for the Pittsburgh Steelers is surely nothing special. I believe everybody remembers this since week 1 where the strategy was, "If we pretend Gronkowski doesn't exist he can't hurt us?" Ryan Mallett clearly did well completing 28 passes for 274 yards. The biggest plus, is not giving the Steelers a turnover though. No interceptions, only 1 time was he sacked, and not a fumble. An absolutely great game. Great job all around.

Runningback: B+

Javorius Allen did some work folks. 4.3 YPC on 18 attempts. A nasty end-zone celebration, and 5 catches on 5 targets for 35 yards. All around good hustle by the Raven. Terrence West also put up 42 yards through the ground. A great combination these two are. Truly another form of Justin Forsett & Lorenzo Taliaferro. One quick back, and the other a bruiser, but even more-so Javorius catches passes much better than Forsett.

Receiving Threats: B+

What a strange game. The usual match-ups with Pittsburgh is a knock-down drag-out fight. This instead, was an air raid almost. Kamar Aiken caught ever pass thrown his way. Allen as mentioned earlier caught every target. Kyle Juszczyk with 5 catches and the second longest reception of the game. Constant lost assignments for the opposition have resulted in over 300 yards for the fullback, and this was just another game for him. Great scheming by Trestman. As always Chris Givens with a sideline catch for around 40 yards happened, which was in fact the longest play of the game at 39 yards. Chris Matthews in his first game for the Ravens on his first catch successfully toe-tapped in a touchdown. Great all around by the squad.

Offensive Line: A

Only one sack, no horrible mistakes resulting in turnovers. James Harrison didn't absolutely abuse this team as per usual. Good enough rushing stats for the team, and got the push when needed. Great job to every single big fella. Loved it!

Overall offense: B

Probably confusing as nobody is below B+, but this isn't the performance I wan't every time. You can always do more. The game could have been a blow-out with some extra first downs.