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Ravens 2016 schedule: opponents set for next year

The Ravens' slate of opponents is set in stone for the next season.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

With the current season winding down, it is time to look ahead to 2016, and the fresh start that comes with it. While the Ravens don't know when they'll be facing their foes next year, they know who they'll be facing. The NFL employs a rotation based on divisional standings to determine who faces who. While the Ravens and the rest of the AFC North are facing both the NFC East and AFC East, each of them will also face their counterparts in the AFC South and AFC West. This means that the third-place Ravens will be facing the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders, each finishing third in their respective divisions.

Here is the Ravens' slate of opponents in 2016:



On first glance, it seems as if this might be a challenging slate. The AFC North drew the AFC East this year, and that's not good. With the East comes challenging tilts with New England and New York, both of whom are playoff-caliber teams this year. Buffalo is still a tough draw, despite their record. Miami however, might come as a relief in an otherwise tough schedule.

Drawing the up-and-coming squads of Jacksonville and Oakland wasn't exactly ideal either, as these two squads both defeated the Ravens this season.

The only true break comes in the form of the NFC East. The division comprised of the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, and Redskins is arguably the NFL's worst. It's been a dumpster fire, and it seems as if the team that comes out about .500 takes the division. That was the case this year as the Redskins clinched the division with a 8-7 record. The Ravens should be thankful that this circus is coming to town.

All in all, it's a challenging schedule. When six of your games are against the most competitive division in football, it's going to be an uphill battle. In a so-called "rebuild" year, the last thing the Ravens need is a challenging schedule.