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Snoop Dogg upset at Steelers' loss; gets roasted on Twitter by Ravens

The rapper is known for his allegiance to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it lead to some comedic gold.

"Snoop Dog", aka Calvin Broadus, Jr., is well known for being a rapper foremost, and also for being a big Steelers fan. Despite being from Compton, Calif., Snoop has been a follower of the black and gold for many decades.

In the lead-up to Sunday's huge game, Snoop proclaimed his love for the Steelers quite loudly, and also let the world know of his disdain for the Ravens.

But afterwards, when the Ravens had completed the epic upset, things were quiet on Snoop's end. Then we got this.

This was perhaps Snoop's biggest mistake, aside from being a Steelers' fan in the first place. It was an open invitation for smack talk, and boy did Twitter deliver.

Hopefully Snoop and the Steelers learned their lesson that the Ravens simply aren't to be messed with.