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Ravens vs Steelers: Jimmy Smith 100-yard pick-six, Courtney Upshaw ruins it by being offsides

Probably the most #Ravens thing to do in this game, Courtney Upshaw just did. Negating a game-sealing 100-yard pick-six by cornerback Jimmy Smith all by lining up offsides.

Probably the most #Ravens thing to do in this game, Courtney Upshaw just did.

With the Pittsburgh Steelers driving down the field, down by 10 points, they sit at the goal line. A pass to the outside receiver sees cornerback Jimmy Smith jump the route for the interception and race down the sideline untouched for a 100-yard pick-six. The stadium goes crazy and the Ravens look to be leading by 10 yet again with only minutes on the clock.

Then the flag hits the ground.

Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw was offsides, negating the play and giving the Steelers a first-down right on the goal line. By offsides, I don't mean he jumped offsides. The fourth-year player lined up well over the line of scrimmage, something even rookies shouldn't do. Just in case you were wondering how offsides he was, see this photo.

It ended up being a 14-point difference as the Steelers would take those points off the board by accepting the penalty and then would score the very next play.

The issue here is even more than just this play. Courtney Upshaw has been asked to step up after the injury to Terrell Suggs. Typically used to set the edge in rushing plays, Upshaw was drafted by the Ravens to be an all around linebacker, able to rush the quarterback and stop the run. Sadly for the Ravens, he hasn't turned into that type of playmaker through his career.

With free agency coming this offseason, that type of finish to a season isn't the way he would like to go into contract negotiations with any team.