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Ravens vs Steelers: Za'Darius Smith drags down DeAngelo Williams by his dreads

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Ravens are showing a ton of heart and having arguably one of their best games of the season with Ryan Mallett under center for the first time this season. Even the defense is playing much better, despite allowing the Steelers to grab 94 yards on the ground in the first half alone. Well rookie linebacker Za'Darius Smith isn't going to allow that for much longer and he's gonna make you pay for it.


A perfectly legal tackle by the NFL's standards as they implemented a rule change that players could be tackled by their hair without it being viewed as a "horsecollar tackle." That's a good thing for Smith as the tackle was a loss of yards and helped close a drive that sees the Steelers offense with only 3 points so far. But a bad thing for Williams as I can't imagine that felt all that great.

The Steelers went heavy with the run early in the game as the Ravens were in a two-deep trying to stop the seriously good pass offense for Pittsburgh. Williams had 80 yards in the first quarter alone, but has been held down significantly in the second quarter thus far. This tackle is the low point for Williams in the second quarter.