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Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers Week 16 - Live GameThread

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens are seeing their fourth starting quarterback of 2015 and will be looking to both sweep the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as knock them out of the playoffs if they can muster a win. It will be a tough thing to do as the Steelers offense is on fire lately and the Ravens defense has had major lapses in talent and concentration this season.

The last two weeks of the NFL season for the Ravens will be used more as an extended preseason into the 2016 season. Head coach John Harbaugh and his coaches will be able to evaluate young talent more in these two weeks and see who should be coming back and who might be cut. With an expected salary cap purge coming this offseason, this is probably the best case scenario to the Ravens returning back to form next year.

So let's go Ravens and get out the broom for that SWEEP!