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Breshad Perriman might have to beat out Kamar Aiken for playing time

The undrafted receiver has not only earned a spot on the 2016 roster, but a starting job too.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this season, I assumed that when Breshad Perriman made his debut he would take the #2 job from Kamar Aiken quickly, if not instantly. After all Breshad Perriman was one of the best deep threats in college football and a first round pick, while Kamar Aiken had an unheralded college career and bounced around multiple practice squads as an undrafted free agent before landing here. Unfortunately, Perriman was unable to make his debut this season and he will have to make it in 2016, but Kamar Aiken has been playing out of his mind right now.

Aiken went from being a player who was lucky to be here to being the top wide receiver on the team. And Aiken has done well. Since Steve Smith went down against the Chargers, Aiken has caught 43 passes for 531 yards and three touchdowns, including this Hail Mary catch that we hope Breshad Perriman will be able to make.

What makes Aiken's increase in production so noteworthy is that he has been consistent, catching no less than five passes a game. Aiken has also been producing despite the fact that he's catching passes from Jimmy Clausen and Matt Schaub. Aiken isn't letting up, even if the season is lost. He's still playing with the same intensity that he had when he was a special-teamer fighting for a job.

With Steve Smith coming off an injury and turning 37 next May and Breshad Perriman still being raw, Kamar Aiken might be the Ravens' number one receiver at the start of the 2016 season. And that statement doesn't sound as bad as it would've if I said it a few weeks ago. Hopefully Perriman can become a dynamic weapon as well and the Ravens can have a deadly duo of UCF receivers.