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Justin Forsett really likes Jeremy Butler

The second-year receiver has a big fan in Justin Forsett.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Butler has drawn attention from fans ever since he started making big plays in the 2014 Preseason. His height and ability to jump up and get the ball excited people, which naturally led to fans wanting to see Butler get a chance to get on the field and try and make plays during the regular season. Butler has been making plays and the coaching staff has noticed, as Jeremy Butler has become the Ravens' second receiver this season. Fans are excited about Butler's potential and Ravens' running back Justin Forsett might be more excited than anyone about the young receiver.

While that's a big claim to make, he's certainly been solid over the last six weeks. I'm not going to say that Butler is going to be the Ravens' very own Donald Driver or Marques Colston (although we are so due), but he could certainly turn out to be something in this league.

Butler had his first catch against the Jacksonville Jaguars and he's been making plays ever since.  Butler has caught 22 passes for 268 yards over the past six games and he has overtaken Chris Givens as the Ravens' number two receiver. Butler is certainly making a case to be on the team in 2016.

Forsett's claim might be a bold one, but the guy knows a thing or two when it comes to going from third-string to star player. Butler might not be a superstar, but he if he keeps playing hard and working on mastering his craft, he might be able to be a constant contributor for the Ravens in the future.