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Defending the Ravens' newest uniform fixture

Lots of Ravens fans hated the new, gold pants they wore Sunday and are not afraid to voice it. Chris "Braven" Brown asks you in that category to press pause on the hatorade long enough to hear the opposite side.

Riddle me this: If we were 14-0, and going into a non-flexed game against 13-1 Pittsburgh, and we broke out in the Old Gold pants on national television, and then obliterated Pitt, would you like the pants?

Methinks losing has more than 50% to do with why people are sour on the Gold pants alternative for the Ravens uniform.

It is a legitimate and official Raven color that is underused.

Why not us?

If every jack-legged team has a "Nike Rush" option, two-toned helmets (which I hate), throwback unis, or keystone kop jerseys, why can't we have an unorthodox option?!

As soon as I saw it, I had two thoughts:  First, I like it!  We should keep those.  Second, the Free World will hate those, especially if we are losing.

I even had a short dialogue with my favorite writer, Sarah Ellison:

I implore you, fellow Ravens fans, to ask yourself the question of how wins are related to your hatred of these pants.

If you see a morsel of intersect, would you please stay your execution of these things.  Reasons:

  1. The players like them, according to Coach Harbaugh.
  2. They really do match.  I know, I know.  But they are official color scheme and they match.
  3. The Ravens don't have throwback jerseys, so the options are limited.
  4. They were supposed to go with the 20th Anniversary celebration, a surprise.
Another writer, the levelheaded Ryan Mink, tweeted this:


In a season that has been harsh to the fanbase called RavensNation, anything bright, resembling the sun, should be embraced.  Or worn..?

Look at this bright side.  You don't have to wear them to work tomorrow.  The Ravens take care of that for you.  So--that's it--look at this as them serving you!  That's the ticket!

I'm not going to win this battle, am I.

I still love 'em.