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Baltimore Ravens rookie Carl Davis' initiation dinner gets expensive

Baltimore Ravens rookie Carl Davis gets his initiation the hard way, by his wallet. Going to the finest restaurants with a bunch of your very large teammates tends to end in a bill with hopefully just a single comma.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A tradition among professional rookie football players, especially lineman, is to go out to dinner with a bunch of your teammates and pay the tab after the damage is done. This isn't a normal dinner where each player orders a soda and a salad, but something that includes multiple alcoholic drinks, tons of top quality steak, ribs, and other cuts of meat at the finest of restaurants. Keep in mind that these big boys can pack away some food and with the rookie covering the bill, they tend to go overboard.

It looks like it was rookie defensive lineman Carl Davis' turn to the table as he tweeted out his rather large receipt last night.


With the 20% suggested gratuity added to the bill, it came to $11,561.52 for the third-round draft pick. Then again, with a contract just under $3 million over four years, the rookie likely won't have trouble paying the tab. And really, would you rather have that be your hazing initiation or something a little more hairy?