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Steve Smith clarifies retirement rumors on Twitter

The receiver's side of the story has muddied the waters even more.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Insider Ian Rapoport is usually to be trusted like no other. His intel and insider info are almost always right.

Except for those rare times when he's not.

In a story that broke this Sunday, Rapoport alleged that provided he was healthy, Smith was likely coming back to play ball in 2016, according to his sources. Unfortunately for the reporter, Steve Smith was not one of his sources.

While Smith's Tweet doesn't exactly confirm or deny the rumor, it certainly muddies the waters even more than before. In the aftermath of Smith's season-ending Achilles injury, we've seen much rampant gossip about his return to the NFL for one more year. Even Coach John Harbaugh got in on the gossip, stating that he believed Smith would be back for one more final ride.

Ultimately, the return of Steve Smith to football depends on his health. There's no doubting that he didn't want to end his storied career on a losing team with a horrible injury, and it's almost certain that his heart is still in the game. But if he doesn't feel like his old self after rehab, then we might have seen the last of Steve Smith, Sr. on a football field.