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Baltimore fans rank 35th in grammar power rankings

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The Baltimore Ravens aren't ranked very high in NFL power rankings these days so it is only fitting that Baltimore sports fans are not ranked very high these days either. Baltimore sports fans rank 35th out 42 cities in Grammarly's Pro Sports 2015 Power Rankings.

What is the cause for Baltimore fans being low? Well, between the slow start for the Baltimore Orioles after the All Star break and the Ravens abysmal season, the two teams have a lot of Baltimore fans saying,"eadsadferwerfefdgfhdsfdwasdfddsfdsgfreddxwq!!!!!!!!!!".

Per 100 words, Baltimore fans average 8.60 grammar mistakes (7.30 for Ravens and 9.30 for the Orioles) and when you think about it, it isn't that strange when you consider the amount of grammar mistakes Ravens fans have made.

The biggest problem for the Ravens this year has been their secondary in pass defense. The Ravens pass defense allows 7.4 yards per play this season. Ravens fans average 7.30 grammar mistakes per 100 words. Ravens fans, in their own way, are trying to describe the horrific pass defense the Ravens have in their own words. Literally.

When you look at the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area as a whole, even Washington fans rank low as they are ranked 39th on the list as well. Redskins fans average a whopping  16.50 grammar mistakes per 100 words. Maybe Redskins fans are a little too excited that their team is in first place this year.

Notables for Baltimore fans

1.) Boston isn't ranked too high. They rank 31st on the list with New England Patriots fans averaging 11.60 grammar mistakes per 100 words. That isn't exactly shocking as most fans around the NFL know that most Patriots fans are not exactly the sharpest tools in the emergency room.

2.) Cleveland fans rank pretty high as they rank ninth on this list with Cleveland Browns fans averaging 5.90 grammar mistakes per 100 words. Well this isn't surprising either when Browns fans know two things:

  • The factory of sadness
  • Our season is over

If you type those two things long enough, you are bound to get it right.

3.) Cincinnati fans rank OK on this list at 20th with Bengals fans averaging 6.90 grammar mistakes per 100 words. Bengals fans would rank a lot worse on this list if, "Who Dey!" counted heavily against them as it seems to be typed out after every five words. I don't think Who Dey should be allowed in any sentence and even my editorial dashboard put a red line under, "Dey".

4.) Pittsburgh Steelers fans rank 37th on this list which, once again, isn't all that surprising when you consider the fact that Steelers fans think that the Ravens wearing gold yesterday against the Kansas City Chiefs means that the Ravens are copying the Steelers colors.

A lot of Steelers fans don't know that Baltimore city's colors are black and gold and that has been around a lot longer than anyone who cared to know whether the Steelers existed.

You can check Grammarly's out here