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Chiefs vs Ravens week 15: Guard Marshal Yanda drooling like an animal after a play

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens All-Pro right guard Marshal Yanda has been one of the only guys on this team that has played up to expectations. Heck, at this point, he's the only healthy one on the offensive line. He is the one guy on this team that I wouldn't want to see angry, so seeing some of his drool hanging from his facemask like a rabid animal would make me shake with fear if I were lined up against him.

The broadcasters called it a mistletoe, bringing it all around to the Christmas holiday that is only five days away.

Yanda has continuously been graded as one of Pro Football Focus' top linemen this season and has been one of the best guards in football over the last few years. Possibly eyeing a Hall of Fame induction at some point when he decides to hang it all up, Yanda is giving us some more to add to his highlight reel career as one of the nastiest interior linemen to play the game.