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The Kick-6 is picked as the play of the week on NFL Network

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Ravens week 12 win over the Cleveland Browns featured an exhilarating ending, with safety Will Hill III returning a blocked potentially game winning field goal for a Ravens touchdown. The Browns had lined up for a last second field goal, with seemingly the worst result possible a miss and the game going into overtime. But as luck would have it, the improbable became the reality for the Browns, continuing the losing ways for a sorry franchise.

This was about as exciting an ending to a game as possible, so it is not exactly surprising that it was chosen as the top play of week 12. With both teams having chances to win or tie the game in the last 2 minutes, it was already shaping up to be a great finish.  The Ravens were able to pull the win out by the skin of their teeth, as Hill getting tackled or going out of bounds would have ended the play and the game would have gone to overtime.

John Harbaugh must be happy to be on the winning side of this one, after his brother ended up on the wrong end of a Kick-6 against bitter rival Michigan State in similarly devastating fashion a month ago.