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Ravens recent victories setting up for next season failure?

Draft pick selection in jeopardy?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the ____ pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select _____ _______.

A week ago, the Ravens seemed locked for a top 5 pick. Knowing Ozzie Newsome & Eric DeCosta were salivating at a chance of drafting Joey Bosa, Vernon Hargreaves, or Jaelen Ramsey. These three obvious front-runners for the Ravens both as best player available, and as a team need.

The pick, and the position of these players were all fits for both. We all know as Ravens fans the front office has a BPA selection style. It doesn't matter what they need, it's about who is the best player on the board. This way, the value of their picks aren't wasted on reaching and hoping their pick isn't a waste. But all three of these players were in obvious contention for top 5 selections, and the Ravens finding late success has pushed them beyond the 6th pick in the draft. In fact, they are eighth, and looking better every week.

Realistically, this team was expected to see a deep post-season run, so any pick lower than around 24 is an upgrade, but when the team could come back next season with the same powerhouse squad, and a top five rookie you must wonder wether or not the current success is damaging the long term franchise goals.

Every season we see dominating rookies show up, Aaron Donald, Amari Cooper, Todd Gurley, just to name a few that aren't even the quarterbacks that we wouldn't touch. These are impact players the Ravens would love to possess. A weapon or two for Flacco, a cornerback or outside linebacker to help bolster the defensive side. These are necessities for the Ravens.

The opportunity to acquire one is becoming more and more out of reach with each new notch in the victory column.