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Baltimore Ravens vs Kansas City Chiefs: Early betting lines have Ravens as underdogs

Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

Our friends over at BookMaker have put out their betting lines for this week's games. With the Baltimore Ravens at home, facing off against the Kansas City Chiefs, the odds are definitely not in our favor. At a 7.5 point underdog, the oddsmakers are looking back last Sunday when the Ravens got blown out at home against the Seattle Seahawks as an indicator of what will happen in week 15. Now remember that the home team gets 3 points, making the real line 10.5 points... ouch.

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Not that we can say we are shocked by this line as the Ravens looked horrid against the Seahawks, but week 14 marked the only game this season that the Ravens haven't had within 8 points.

The Chiefs are on a roll though, having won their last seven games in a row to become 8-5 on the season. On the back of a potent running attack that is 7th in the league this season, they are averaging 25.5 points per game, while only giving up 18.7 for 4th best in the league.

Meanwhile the Ravens are still unsure of who will be their quarterback this week as both Matt Schaub and Jimmy Clausen could cause the coaches to flip a coin just before the game starts, barring both are healthy. That inconsistency at quarterback along with the rest of the offensive injuries of late have led the Ravens offense to fluster, bringing down their average to 21.4 points scored per week, 20th in the league. The defense has been a wreck all season, though they looked better against inferior offenses. Right now they average 25.1 points per game given up for 25th in the league.

If week 14 was an indication on what a good defense can do to this team, it might be another slaughter as well.