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2016 NFL Draft: PFF's first mock draft after week 14

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With more and more teams finding themselves out of the playoff hunt and the order at the top of the draft settling down, we are beginning to see more mock drafts pop up. The first one came from Bleacher Report's Matt Miller after week 13, and had the Ravens select cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III.

Now Pro Football Focus with all their analytics are doing their very first mock draft of the season. As of the time of writing this, the Baltimore Ravens have the 4th overall spot in the draft, right after teams like the Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns, and San Diego Chargers. That spot gives the Ravens a pick of just about anyone, and with so many needs, the best chance at selecting a future All-Pro player.

So with the 4th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select..... Jalen Ramsey, cornerback out of Florida State.

Christian actually took a look at the options last week and personally though that Ramsey would be the best selection. That pick mirrors PFF's selection quite nicely and fills a need the Ravens have for a play making cornerback to team up with Jimmy Smith on the other side. It also allows the Ravens to shed the huge cap hit of Lardarius Webb and let the young corners they have play it out for the starting outside role, and slot roles as well as additional depth.

Pro Football Focus was on the money with what they had to say about the Ravens in this spot and about Ramsey as well.

It’s rare for the Ravens to be drafting this early, and they’re expected to look hard at the defensive backfield. Ramsey brings the versatility that NFL teams will covet. He has played safety, slot and outside corner at FSU, grading at +22.6 last season and +16.6 this year.

A lot of fans want the Ravens to go after a pass rusher this early in the draft and while I'm all for that as well, the top-two guys are off the board already. Defensive end Joey Bosa goes with the first pick in the draft to the Tennessee Titans, while the San Diego Chargers grab DeForest Buckner with the third. The next pass rusher off the board is to the Detroit Lions with the seventh pick going to Robert Nkemdiche, but he has had some recent off the field problems and plays as a defensive tackle, a spot the Ravens don't really have need for.

Picking so high, there are likely going to be several players that fans had their hearts set on still on the board. Players like Lareny Tunsil, the offensive tackle and Jaylon Smith, the linebacker out of Notre Dame. So who would you have picked instead?