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Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks Final Score: Defensive report card

How the Ravens defense... did.. nothing...

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks arrived by storm, and took the castle as their own. The Baltimore Ravens allowed five touchdown passes, and did nothing but watch the Seattle touchdown dances.

Enough with the rhyming, as it's only helping me cope with the misery.

Defensive line: D

The attack was not visible. The abysmal Seahawks O-line looked competent against the Ravens lack of pass rush, or run stopping ability. A fullback gained 19 yards on a single play. The Ravens line also allowed 123 yards. Couldn't stop the running or passing.

Linebackers: D

Daryl Smith with back-to-back missed tackles. Outside pressure never affecting Wilson as he posts his fourth straight game with a 138.5+ passer rating since 1960. Nothing could be stopped.

Defensivebacks: F

Russell Wilson threw for 292 yards and five touchdowns. His QBR was 97.2, and with a 71.8% completion Wilson didn't need to worry. This team showed up on fire, and the Ravens spirits have been crushed for weeks. There was no doubt this game would be bad, but mercy this was quite the showing.