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Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks Final Score: Offensive Report Card

How did the Ravens stack up?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout a very bad game against a very good team, the silver linings were in fact there.

Quarterback: C

Clausen was shut-out last game against the Seattle Seahawks (which he played earlier in the season.) His first game with the Ravens being this terror squad was a trial by fire, and simply not being injured helped. A bad completion percentage, but airing it out 40 times against Seattle will never be a good idea. Overall, the damage was not from Clausen.

Runningback: D

A total of 28 yards today, with a lost fumble by Javorius Allen. These backs didn't have the chance at all. Terrence West rushed for 17 yards on a single play. He finished with a total of 16 yards. The running game also needs lineman, and there are damn near none left for Baltimore either.

Offensive Line: F

Giving up three sacks, helping the run game to less than thirty total yards. You fail. Short and simple.

Receivers: B

Ravens receivers did fairly well, with Kamar Aiken, Jeremy Butler & Daniel Brown all over 5 receptions. Chris Givens unfortunately targeted five times for zero receptions. But Jeremy rocking over seventy yards, and Kamar Aiken with a big 90 yards means this game could have easily been some growth for the young receivers.