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2015 AFC Playoffs: Ravens are officially eliminated from playoffs after loss to Seattle Seahawks

The Ravens are resigned to a fate that they are normally not associated with.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

We all felt it in our hearts for a long time. With so many injuries, dysfunction, and just plain chaos this year, we knew our Ravens weren't going to be one of the select few teams standing late into the winter. Today, those feelings were statistically confirmed. With the loss to the Seahawks and the Chiefs and Jets both winning their games, the Ravens were mathematically eliminated from the postseason this afternoon.

This marks the tenth time the Ravens have missed the postseason since their inception. On the flip side, the organization owns the same amount of postseason berths too. During John Harbaugh's reign, the team has been to the postseason six out of eight years. The team last missed out on extra football in 2013, when they went 8-8 after their Super Bowl win.

In addition to missing the playoffs, Baltimore's current record is on pace to be one of the worst in franchise history, as well as the worst and only losing season of the Harbaugh era. The positive side to being this bad in 2015 is the upgrade of the Ravens draft spot with each losing effort. At the end of week 13, the Ravens were in the 5th overall spot, and a loss now should make them plummet.

The Ravens will look to start a new streak next season, as they have never missed the playoffs twice in a row under the guidance of Coach Harbaugh.