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Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks Week 14: Live GameThread

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The Ravens enter this game with more injuries than the previous week, something that has become a bit of a norm for them. With left tackle Eugene Monroe on injured reserve due to his shoulder injury and Matt Schaub riding the bench in favor of Jimmy Clausen, this game is looking less tempting as time marches on.

However, the Ravens have had a knack for keeping every game within a single score. Regardless of the talent on the field for either team, Baltimore has made sure their opponent sweats the outcome. Against the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, and Cincinnati Bengals, all really good teams in this league in 2015, the Ravens have been able to bring it down to a final drive.

With the Seattle Seahawks coming to Baltimore for this game, the Ravens and Baltimore as a city get to show those players just how loud and proud these fans can be. Despite all the crap that has happened to this team this season, there are still more than enough fans that are ready to blow the non-existent roof off this stadium! Now let's go get 'em.