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Baltimore Ravens Vs. Seattle Seahawks: Expectations

How will this game play out?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The upcoming challenge for the Baltimore Ravens this weekend will be the red hot Seattle Seahawks.

After dropping a close battle against the Arizona Cardinals, the back to back Super Bowl contestants have won three straight games.

The average points over the last three match-ups for the Seahawks: 35.5. Opposing teams, a measly 16 PPG.

Even with the high-powered attack from Pittsburgh, Wilson unleashed great passes, and on six receptions Doug Baldwin dominated, showing off a statline of; 6 catches, 145 yards, 3 touchdowns.  The Seahawks would win 39-30.

Last game, the Seahawks practically blanked the Minnesota Vikings.  Besides a Corderralle Patterson kick return touchdown, the Vikings only mustered up 118 yards through the air. Adrian Peterson also went nowhere with 8 attempts resulting in 18 total yards.

The Seahawks pressured Teddy Bridgewater with ease, even with double teaming edge rushers. This does not bode well for Baltimore as the patchwork offensive line will be turnstyles to attack either Schaub or Clausen at quarterback. With James Hurst still in the line-up, I expect Sam Koch, the emergency quarterback to be warming up the arm at some point.

Thomas Rawls, the out of nowhere UDFA from Central Michigan, whom is lighting up the run game moreso than the superstar back just a season ago, Marshawn Lynch. Rawls over the course in the last three games has dominated opposing run defenses with 391 yards on 70 carries. That is an average of 5.6 yards per carry. Now the Ravens run defense has been very talented this season. Ranking tenth or better in total yards, yards per attempt, yards per game, and rushing touchdowns allowed. Most would be arguing that the reason for such great rush defense is because of the embarrassing passing defense, but that isn't the entire reason for such good defensive statistics on the ground. Baltimore through the air is very middle of the pack. 16th or 18th in most receiving statistics. The Ravens are just great at run defense.

Speaking of the Baltimore Ravens run defense, there are some good numbers for these certain players. A big compiled list from PFF worker Chris McFarland shows these players run grades are positive in most forms.

Over this season alone, C.J. Mosley is in the top ten for both Run Grade rank (+7.2 & 8th), and Run stop percentage (10.9% 10th) Last year Mosley was only at 8.6% and ranked 28th in the league. Obviously the successor has not missed a beat in run stopping ability. Mosley will definitely be up to the challenge against the up and coming Thomas Rawls.

If this doesn't comfort you, the Hulk  will easily settle your feelings. Big man Brandon Williams this season is the undeniable best run grade by a lineman this season. Sitting at a +30.3 this man has played 260 run snaps, and on 11.5% has stopped the opposition. A stop is either a loss of yards, or no gain, resulting in a failure for the offense. 11.5% of these run plays, when coming at Williams will be a failure. Let's hope the number stays the same, or even rises against the Seahawks this season. I know for sure that B. Will is hoping for a chance to shut down the Seahawks on Sunday.

The Ravens do not look like they can match-up well with the Seahawks. Not very talented receivers against a phenomenal secondary. Bad O-line play against great trenchwork defenders, the only positive would be a good running-back tandem in Javorius Allen & Terrence West against a great set of linebackers.

On the defensive side, the Ravens do seem to stack up better, the Seattle offensive line isn't stellar by any means, and the cornerback depth is about as talented as the receiving combo for the Seahawks. Ravens linebackers are great, and the running back situation for Seattle is also skilled. If the Ravens can put up points, expect this game to be ANOTHER close match. Since every game thus far is being decided upon 8 points or less anyways.