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Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks odds: Oddsmakers having trouble with Matt Schaub injury

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After the loss to the Miami Dolphins and the absolute beating that quarterback Matt Schaub took during the game, it was feared that the Ravens would lose a second quarterback this season to the rigors of football. Head coach John Harbaugh unfortunately wasn't able to clarify much on if Schaub would be able to play this week either, which is putting the oddsmakers in a bit of a pickle leading up to the game.

BookMaker has taken the route of seeing the injury reports a little more before being able to make the final odds for the game. An interesting strategy, but one that makes complete sense when they explain it.

Seattle Seahawks at Baltimore Ravens (OFF)

We’ve held off putting up a line through Wednesday due to the uncertainty of Schaub’s status. He says he’s ready to go, but we’re not so sure he’ll be under center Sunday. We want to gather some concrete information before posting a spread and total.

There’s no easy way to get around this matchup, we are really going to have to entice bettors to back Baltimore. Seattle is running hot, the market has moved back in their favor and the Ravens are starting either Matt Schaub or Jimmy Clausen. The casual bettor will look at this with no thought and lay as many points as needed to get the Seahawks.

We’ll certainly have to inflate that side in order to attract action on the home squad, but we can’t get carried away either because the sharp bettors will take advantage. We have a ton of respect for what John Harbaugh brings to the table so you can’t ever assume "blowout" in any game he’s coaching. He always gets the most from his players

If Matt Schaub can't start, the Ravens will turn to backup quarterback Jimmy Clausen. Clausen will have faced off against the Seahawks for a second time this season, with his first effort being rather... lackluster. With the Chicago Bears, Clausen was given the reigns to the offense where he threw 17 passes, completing only 52.9% of them for 63 yards. The 3.7 yard average is something more expected out of a running back than a quarterback, but alas, the Seahawks would use that lack of offensive firepower to win 26-0.

As we've covered before, even if Matt Schaub can start the game, there is major doubt that he'll be able to finish it. Head coach John Harbaugh has already come out and said that Clausen might still get some playing time on Sunday regardless.

With the odds not being set yet, this could be a nasty game for the Ravens come Sunday. Yet as BookMakermentions, they will have to entice some bets for Baltimore somehow. With how the Ravens have been able to keep every game a 1 score differential, it could be a great opportunity to make some hard cash quickly.