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Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns Final Score: Talk of referee issues on 'kick-six' unfounded

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It was bound to happen. The chatter from NFL fans and especially Cleveland Browns fans after what has to be the weirdest end to a football game in the 2015 NFL season has cropped up to talk about how the referees screwed it up yet again.

Let us first take a look at Anthony Levine's hand placement. As you can see, he originally lined up in the neutral zone if it started at the nose of the football. But as NFL Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino states, the neutral zone is off on that image.

It would be a penalty if Levine caused someone on the offense to jump or if he didn't move back before the snap of the football. However, as you can see from the video below, Levine gets back before the football moves, negating any penalty. It is certainly close, but the line is just off by about a yard, which is all the difference here.

The second issue is of Will Hill stepping out of bounds. We'll ignore the bad angle that the image is taken as well as the poor image quality to determine such a crucial point. So instead, we'll take a wider angle and see if Hill even comes close.

There is a point where the video transitions, but it is before the point where the still image highlights. The exact moment that the original image calls into question, Hill isn't close enough to the sideline to warrant even a second look at it.

Which the NFL actually did. Remember that within two minutes, the league automatically reviews scoring plays and they considered him in bounds there from their angles. Without a better look at it, the video seems to show Hill racing down the sidelines for the score.

Update: Here is a much better angle of it and as we figured, Hill is clearly in bounds.