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2016 NFL Draft: Week 12 updated draft order

Where the ravens may select now

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

All it took was a blocked field goal and a return for a touchdown to lift the Baltimore Ravens over the Cleveland Browns in the closing minutes of their Monday night matchup. The battle for a top pick in April's NFL Draft concluded with the Ravens falling out of the top-five.

  1. Tennessee Titans
  2. Cleveland Browns
  3. Dallas Cowboys
  4. San Diego Chargers
  5. San Francisco 49ers
  6. Miami Dolphins
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars
  8. Baltimore Ravens
  9. Philadelphia Eagles
  10. St. Louis Rams

The week prior the Ravens were in contention for the first overall, sitting behind San Diego, Cleveland and Tennessee. Discussions of Ramsey, Hargreaves and the beloved Bosa from Ohio State University were all flying around like dreams of sugar plums all in our heads. And then the Will Hill Kick Six doubled the Ravens draft stock. No more thoughts of Bosa.

The big question is if this may hurt the Ravens more than it hinders them in the long run. Leave a comment on if you were happy with the Ravens victory on Monday, or if you would have preferred another line in the loss column.