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Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns Week 12: Cheer Thread

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens won! In probably the most spectacular fashion as humanly possible in this sport as well. A blocked field goal attempt that Will Hill picked up and returned the rest of the way for a touchdown to win the game. It's an ending that no one could have predicted as the Ravens looked poised to lose the whole thing on a last minute interception by quarterback Matt Schaub.

Here the Ravens are at 4-7 and suddenly looking a little more capable. They have won back-to-back games for the first time this season and even though neither win has been pretty, it matches their losing style. While this pushes the Ravens further down the draft order, it's deserving of a pretty hearty cheer from the fans and warm wishes to the Browns fans that will pop on.

Suck it ESPN... it turned out to be an interesting game anyway, even though no one here was expecting it to be.