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Baltimore Spending vs. Production

What the front office is paying for

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Recently, the idea arose in my head on how this teams money is tied in with the production. How much money is in what categories, and is it a good or bad thing? I have no idea, and the breakdown will hopefully show what is right, or absolutely wrong with the team.

I would like to pre-face this with all numbers i'm using will be from Spotrac and Pro Football Focus.


First and foremost, the quarterback position. The most important and vital position to get the correct player. The Baltimore Ravens are currently spending 12th most in the NFL on their two quarterbacks.

  • Joe Flacco: $14,550,000 | 10.37% of 2015 cap | 22nd NFL Rank
  • Matt Schaub: $2,000,000 | 1.43% of 2015 Cap | 551st NFL Rank

Baltimore is allocation 16.55 million dollars, or 11.80% of the total 2015 cap on Joe Flacco and Matt Schaub. At a fair price I would say, especially after Flacco dominated the post-season unlike any QB in NFL history. This team collapse is not his fault by any stretch of the imagination. But, observing his numbers from PFF he sure isn't the complete reason for success.

Of the 35 qualifying QB's for ProFootballFocus Joe Flacco is ranked as a passer only at -7.9. Peyton Manning, the QB with 7 touchdowns and 19 interceptions is -6.3, and ranked higher. Flacco is the 29th ranked QB, tied with Josh McCown for the low spot. The previous back-up quarterback Tyrod Taylor is ranked 12th. Joe Flacco isn't doing well.

Once again, he has absolutely nobody to throw to as maybe 2 receivers on this roster would start for any other club in the NFL. He is not to blame, but his throwing surely needs improvement nonetheless.

Paying for: 22nd best

Production: 29th best


The running game this season has been quite strange. From the eye-test the team seems struggling, but the yards per game and yards per carry provide a better look. Forsett is on pace for another 1,000 yard season, and Javorius Allen as the change-of-pace back has helped. But let's once again look at payment vs. production.

The Ravens are currently spending 24th most as a franchise for their runningbacks.

Player 2015 Cap % of 2015 Cap NFL Rank
Justin Forsett $1,600,000 1.14% 662nd
Javorius Allen $553,618 0.39% 1379th
Raheem Mostert $307,058 0.22% 1895th

Lorenzo Taliaferro isn't included because he is on the IR. Doesn't exactly make sense, but that is the reason why.

This is great for the Ravens though, a thousand yard back, with two rookie contracts, that's a great deal. But is it good for the payment vs. production with ProFootball Focus?

There are 63 qualifying backs for PFF, and Justin Forsett's pure running ranking is tied for 18th in the NFL. Great for the Ravens. But his overall ranking screams terrible numbers. J-Force is the 62nd of 63 as an overall running-back. His receiving ability in the worst in the league for halfbacks. Justin Forsett's pass blocking ability is the second worst in the NFL. Now this is okay if you're Adrian Peterson (ranked 9th worst) because Peterson is an amazing tailback, but Forsett isn't Peterson and clearly something is terribly wrong here.

Paying for: 24th of 32

Production: 62nd of 63

Wide Receiver:

The entire reason I started this write-up was to see what in the hell Baltimore is paying, and what kind of production this squad is showing. The problem though, is Steve Smith Sr.'s and Breshad Perriman are both now on IR, and this means they aren't counted for receiving percentages, instead the injured reserve cap. Obviously this means these numbers will be skewed, and slightly upsetting.

Baltimore is paying the lowest by team in receivers (Great job grabbing wide receiving targets front office).

Player 2015 Cap % of 2015 cap NFL Rank
Marlon Brown $586,668 0.42% 1231st
Kamar Aiken $585,000 0.42% 1247th
Jeremy Ross $504,705 0.36% 1520th
Joseph Morgan $309,705 0.22% 1891st
Jeremy Butler $300,000 0.21% 1899th
Chris Givens $124,257 0.09% 1956th

Now these are discluding Steve Smith Sr.'s and Breshad Perriman's cap figures. I searched around and found them on the Ravens specific contract numbers. Here are the additions.

Steve Smith Sr. $4,166,666 2.97% 47th
Breshad Perriman $1,582,784 1.13%


Flacco had for the first time in his career a #1 receiver, even though he was 36 years old and well past any idea of SSSr's prime. It's terribly ugly that Flacco can't have any long-lasting pass attack with receivers.

Comparing these payments is almost a waste, as if any of them are even eligible, the payment makes sense to what they're paying for.

Steve Smith Sr., although not playing in the last 5 quarters, is still the 4th best receiver according to PFF. His receiver rating is 13.1 (6th) but his blocking was 5th best in the league, rising him to 4th overall. That contract is amazing. The only other two eligible players are Kamar Aiken, and Marlon Brown. Kamar is rated the 38th best receiver in the NFL. Currently ahead of names such as Randall Cobb, Brandon Marshall, Golden Tate, and Jeremy Maclin. I sure as hell don't agree, as I would much rather have any of these names other than Kamar without a blink of an eye. Marlon Brown on the other hand, if you guessed bottom 3 in the league you would be correct. Marlon Brown is the 117th best receiver of eligible players (only 118 eligible). His overall ranking is terrifyingly bad, and he rocks over 100 more snaps than the players next to him on the chart. Paying Kamar and Marlon the same is a crying shame, and the fact these are starters for any squad is terrible.

Paying for: Worst in the league

Receiving: Terrible play. 4 players aren't even eligible, one hasn't seen the field all season, and the best player on the team is on IR. No statistical way to observe this.

Tight End:

Another position skewed by the Injured Reserved list. Dennis Pitta would be amounting to much more against the position group, but it is still interesting to see the payment vs. production with the young contracts. This will maybe swing the numbers towards the front office favor.

Player 2015 Cap % of 2015 cap NFL Rank
Maxx Williams $736,861 0.53% 979th
Crockett Gillmore $636,504 0.45% 1135th
Nick Boyle $476,563 0.34% 1565th

This will easily turn to the Baltimore Ravens favor with such low amounts of contracts. These three tight ends from my knowledge before checking will proove to be great additions, and those rookie contracts sure are helping out.

Receiving numbers only, all thre tight ends are ranked in the top 20. Nick Boyle at 16th, Crockett Gillmore at 18th, and Maxx Williams at 20th. For being paid a grand total of 1.85 million dollars between all three of them, They sure are doing well.

Pass blocking stats show a few things. First off, Nick Boyle is dominating the pass blocking game with the third best ranking in the game. Now most tight ends (or at least big names) don't pass block because they're out catching passes, but when the offensive line play isn't stellar, or you need an extra man on the blitz coverage, Nick Boyle is the guy Baltimore turns to. Crockett Gillmore is in the top 8 for pass blocking as well, and Maxx Williams ranking at this point is worthless at a 7 way tie for 21st. Williams is not often out pass blocking, and it was never expected to be a part of his wheelhouse.

Run blocking is very vital in this game, and especially for the scheme the Ravens commonly use. Big name players are a part of this from Rob Gronkowski at #1, to up and coming dominant AFC North tight end Tyler Eifert at 6th. Maxx Williams is already striving for top ten, and achieving the goal with a tenth overall ranking, just slightly behind big known dual threat TE Martellus Bennett. Nick Boyle and Crockett Gillmore are both positively ranked, and respectively are 15th & 17th for tight ends.

Absolute overall ranking for the Ravens put all three tight ends in the top 15. Nick Boyle currently leading the charge at 6th best, then Maxx Williams right behind at 7th. Crockett Gillmore is in fact last in this Baltimore competition ranked 11th for NFL tight ends.

The Ravens spending on these three tight ends is absolutely nothing with those wonderful rookie contracts, and the production here is top 3 in the league. The only other teams with 3 tight ends all in the positive are New England and Tennessee. Using the averages New England is tops with the help of Gronkowski's astronomical rating. Second comes Tennessee with Delanie Walker's second best overall ranking. Finally, Baltimore ranks out at third best.

Payment: 30th

Production: 3rd best

Great finds by the front office with Dennis Pitta done. The necessity for these players is above and beyond, and on draft day Newsome, DeCosta, and the front office knew it.