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"Clock is ticking" on Ravens first-round draft pick Breshad Perriman

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The question that I think every writer on this staff has been asked the most is "what's going on with Breshad Perriman?" It's a valid question given that the Ravens first-round draft selection got injured on the first day of training camp and has yet to be seen again. Oh he practiced for a little bit, but then during warmups for a game that he was inactive for, he apparently hurt himself and then we hear about a knee scope procedure.

Kyle Barber and I have made the joke that Breshad Perriman doesn't actually exist and the guy we saw on the first day of training camp and on the stage during the Draft was actually a homeless person. It's all staged like the moon landing, because that is the only rational explanation for why an injury that takes around 6 weeks has taken a young man roughly around 15 weeks, and he still hasn't been heard from. The idea that he could be on the 53-man roster the entire season and only practice for around 5 days is astounding to me as a fan, and a writer.

Many analysts and fans have wondered why Perriman hasn't been put on injured reserve since he clearly is more injured that previously thought. The Ravens could save his season, potential further harm from pushing him too soon, and could bring in a player that could actually help this team this week. For a team with 12 players on injured reserve and holes at several spots due to injury, adding another wide receiver or cornerback could have helped this team weeks ago.

The clock is ticking. If he can't get out there to practice soon.

With wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. tore his Achilles tendon and is out for the season, along with wide receiver Michael Campanaro, the Ravens have need at the receiver position. Both players were active on the team and made up a large percentage of the Ravens overall yards through the air.

"I'd love to get 4 games out of him, just so you could see him and he could develop for 4 games. But that means that you need 4 weeks of him practicing to get him for 4 weeks."

While it is refreshing to have a candid answer out of John Harbaugh on Breshad Perriman, it looks like it is leaning towards being the end of Perriman's first season.