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Ravens and tight end Dennis Pitta have until Wednesday to determine playing status

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The time has officially come for the Ravens and tight end Dennis Pitta to decide whether he will suit up and play again this season. According to Garret Downing of, that decision must be made by Wednesday.

In case you've been living under a rock, the Ravens tight end injured his hip for a second time in 2014 against the Cleveland Browns and has yet to play since the injury. Given that it was his second hip fracture and it came with no contact, many fans, analysts and even our own Doctor Bobby have expressed doubt that Pitta would play meaningful football again.

Pitta came back to practice on October 22nd, giving the Ravens and Pitta 3 weeks to decide his fate for the 2015 season. When asked head coach John Harbaugh has routinely said that the decision is up to Pitta and his family. With Pitta cleared to be at practice again, the trainers and doctors think that his hip is as sound as it will be. Now it's just up to the feeling Pitta has during and after practices as well as the mental aspect of bracing for impact and making football moves.

I think it’s Dennis’ decision. I know it’s Dennis’ decision along with his family. He’s going to see how it feels out here and how he responds. He has been working really hard to get himself into position – along with our trainers and our strength and conditioning staff – to prepare for this, so we’ll see how it goes.

Now that the clock on the decision is ticking it's final minutes, Pitta's entire career is up the air. If he cannot come back this season, there is little doubt that the Ravens tight end would call it a career or at the least, the Ravens would entertain the idea of letting him go at the end of the season. With three quality young players at this position, the Ravens have no need for Pitta to come back other than the possibility of trading one of the tight ends they currently have on their roster.

Even Dennis Pitta understands that if he cannot make it to the 53-man roster this year, his career is likely over.

I would like to think that if I can’t make it back this year, then what’s going to change next year? For me, in my mind, it’s kind of [like] I’m working to get back this year, and if I can’t, then that might be it. But that’s certainly undecided. I don’t really know how to answer

We will know more as the week moves forward and certainly by Wednesday evening. I think I can speak for all Ravens fans across the world in saying that regardless of the decision Dennis Pitta makes, we all hope that he thinks of the long-term ramifications and stays healthy.