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During the bye week, Ravens need to stay out of trouble

Oh please, oh please, oh please....

The Face Says It All
The Face Says It All
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This might seem like an obvious point to make.  No team or fan base in particular wants their players to be in trouble.  The sole exception is perhaps Rob Gronkowski, but he is an exception who proves the rule: Gronk somehow manages to achieve truly epic party status while not demolishing his image.  Heck, it is his image.

The Ravens have no such person.  I ask, humbly, politely, desperately, for none of the current (or near-future) Ravens to attempt this.

We have some peculiar folks--we could begin with our operatic kicker--but the most notorious party guy we had, the great Jacoby Jones, is now with He Of the Questionable Sideline Intervention.  This was the man who was out for a game because a stripper hit him with a bottle of champagne. He made up for those idiocies by being the receiving end of the Mile High Miracle and by scratching his itch.

But please, no one emulate him.

We need all hands on deck.  The Ravens have again managed a whopping 8 significant injuries, including several season ending ones.  The Ravens don't need awesome stories--they need people on the field.