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Pittsburgh Steelers Claim Former Raven Jacoby Jones

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today the Pittsburgh Steelers picked up former Raven and Charger Jacoby Jones. Jones has struggled after the 2012 Super Bowl campaign with the Ravens, becoming nonexistent in the receiving game for Baltimore and the Chargers, as well as being a liability returning kicks, making fans hold their breath every time he was about to return a kick or punt.

Jones signed a two year deal before this season only to play the first eight weeks of this season before being cut by the Chargers. This season thus far he has -4 yards on punt returns, so he wasn't exactly playing well to say the least.

Many Ravens fans were calling for the team to bring him back, but guys, this is not mile-high-miracle Jacoby Jones, that version of him is long gone and will likely never be back. The team discussed possibly adding him to the roster, but he was scooped up before they could make that decision. Thank you Pittsburgh for not allowing us to make a poor one, and scooping him up yourselves.