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Urschel nominated for NFLPA award

NFLPA nominates John Urschel for Whizzer Award

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The math-man himself has also been nominated for an National Football League Players Association award. The Whizzer Award. Or, if you want some slight context, the Byron "Whizzer" White NFL Man of the Year Award.

Many have no idea what this award means, and it's kind of a shame. We always hear people talk about how these millionaires should be helping out their community with their monies.  This award is directed at those. In fact the award is named after quite a lofty expectation.

"The award honors work in the community as the NFL player who best served his team, community, and country in the spirit of Byron "Whizzer" White, who was a Supreme Court Justice, professional American football player, naval officer, and humanitarian."

This is exactly the award americans should be in spirit of. Helping out teammates, communities, and your country is something you'd expect players to strive for just as much as the Most Valuable Player Award.

Baltimore NFL teams have acquired two Whizzer awards, and I say teams with a plural because Ray May, a linebacker for the Baltimore Colts won the Whizzer back in 1972. The next Baltimore winner being Michael McCrary in 2001. The Ravens do in fact have a current Whizzer Award winner in the front office. Ozzie Newsome won the award back in 1990 playing tight end for the Cleveland Browns.

Best of luck to John Urschel against the other nominees, and great job representing the Baltimore Ravens.