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Ravens fans aren't as drunk as you'd think

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are 2-6 in a season that saw them be Super Bowl favorites before the first game was played. After numerous injuries and poor play that has plagued the team to it's mid-season demise, you'd think that fans would be drinking. I know I have been.

Yet, a study done by Vinepair has the complete opposite apparently.

In this infographic, the Ravens are the 22nd overall football team! Below teams like Buffalo, Dallas, Arizona and even Denver. Seriously, Baltimore can't even win at losing at this point, can we!?

In the AFC North, the Cleveland Browns take the cake with a .064% BAC level, ranking them 4th overall. Pittsburgh ends up second in the division with a .045% BAC, making them 15th overall. The Baltimore Ravens sit at 3rd, at a .036% BAC level. The Cincinnati Bengals are the lowest of the group, at .015%, good enough for 27th overall and dead last in these rankings.

Ravens fans average is actually below a DWI ranking in Maryland, that has to be between .04% and .08%. It's surprising given just how bad this season has gone thus far and how frustrated fans have been on social media.

As always, stay safe out there if you do drink. No drinking or driving. Take an Uber home, Lyft, or even get in touch with our buddies at Rally Bus to get back and forth to the games and enjoy your adult beverages responsibly.