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Ravens kicker Justin Tucker wins AFC Special Teams Player of the Week Award

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The more awards this kid racks up, the more his contract is going up. The Ravens will have a dilemma with kicker Justin Tucker during the offseason as the 25-year old kicker continues to hit necessary kicks and win games for the Ravens. Even though this season hasn't been the greatest for either the Ravens or Tucker, he still has an 86.4% success rate in kicking field goals, having hit 19 of the 22 he attempted. If the field in San Francisco didn't decide to vanish beneath his feet, Tucker could very well have 20 made field goals.

To highlight just how important Tucker has been to the Ravens, let's look at some of the franchise records he set for Baltimore and in the NFL.

  • Most field goals in a single season – 38 (2013)
  • Most points scored in a single season – 140 (2013)
  • Most field goals in a single game – 6 vs. Detroit Lions (2013)
  • Longest field goal – 61 yards vs. Detroit Lions (2013)
  • Longest field goal in a domed stadium – 61 yards vs. Detroit Lions (2013)
  • First NFL kicker to kick a field goal in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s in the same game
  • This isn't even Tucker's first look at some awards for his play. In his 3-year career, the big legged kicker has 5 AFC Special Teams Player of the Week awards, 2 AFC Special Teams Player of the Month awards, a first-team All-Pro, and Pro Bowl trophy sitting on his mantle. At a time when teams have been scrambling to find a capable kicker, Tucker has been one of the most reliable kickers in NFL history, hitting 88.7% of his kicks, ranking him 2nd ALL TIME!

    If you had fond memories of Matt Stover and the time he was here in Baltimore, assuming he was the better kicker, you'd be dead wrong. Stover certainly has time going against him, but he ranks 17th all time with 83.659% of his kicks made. As Tucker gets more years under his belt, his percentage will be less moved by errant snaps, and bad fields.

    Because of yet another award, Tucker is going to see one hell of a payday at the end of the season.