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Harbaugh's wit results in a blocked field goal for the Ravens

Turns out he wasn't offsides.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Many Ravens fans have been complaining about officials this season, and rightfully so. However, when Asa Jackson appeared to get a second head start on a crucial extra point attempt, it seemed as if one questionable call had finally went in the Ravens' favor.

But as we learned today, Jackson was indeed onside when he bolted across the field to block an extra point that kept the Ravens within three.

It seems as if Coach John Harbaugh used his special teams experience to exploit the ChargersAccording to Justin, Scott and Spiegel (and savvy Redditor /u/boothroyd917) of Baltimore's 98 Rock morning show, Harbaugh noticed that San Diego's long snapper, Mike Windt, had a strange prolonged snapping motion. Essentially, the ball would be moved before a bit before Windt sent it towards the holder. This meant that the Ravens could attack as soon as the ball left the ground.

The trio says that Harbaugh made a point to head referee Gene Steratore before the game, telling him to have his crew watch the ball and the hands of the center, not the movement of the players.

It's a point that appeared to resonate with the refs.

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GIF credit to @tannad2001.

Pretty shocking stuff here. The referees actually listened, and got a call right.

While the officials did their job, credit is certainly due to Coach Harbaugh, who likely brought his special teams expertise to the table on this one. If you'll recall, Harbaugh was the special teams coordinator on the Philadelphia Eagles for eight seasons, and was only a defensive backs coach for one season before making the jump to head coach.

So if you thought the Ravens' weren't trying for some reason anymore, think again. Despite the ship taking on plenty of water, the musicians are still playing, and the captains are doing everything they can to right the vessel. This week's mismatch kept the Ravens afloat for yet another week.