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Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns Final Score: Matt Schaub gets his first win 33-27

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Brent Urban in his first game as a pro, ends up with the play of the day. A blocked field goal that would have given the Cleveland Browns the win as time runs out, allowing safety Will Hill to pick it up and run it in. A "kick-six" as the announcers called it in the heat of the moment. A surreal ending to a weird game that seemed to go back and forth with who actually wanted to get the win.

The Baltimore Ravens would barely hold off the Cleveland Browns as the halfway filled stadium rains down "boos" from the rafters over Johnny Manziel not getting to play. The Ravens played one of their best overall games as a team this season, with defense, offense and special teams all playing a part to make them 4-7.

There were many storylines to enter this matchup. The Ravens would be without franchise quarterback Joe Flacco for the first time in 8 years, while veteran running back Justin Forsett would be watching on his couch in an arm cast. The Cleveland Browns would be starting 36-year old quarterback Josh McCown instead of former first-round quarterback Johnny Manziel due to some partying issues the immature player still has. In the fourth quarter, McCown would get hurt and the fans would erupt in chants for "Johnny," only to have second-string Austin Davis come in instead.

Even as the Ravens have been able to put together back-to-back wins for the first time this season, they are still far enough out of the playoff hunt that it isn't worth mentioning here. The big storyline is the final draft order, which had the Ravens battling the Cleveland Browns for the top pick come April 2016. With the Ravens winning the game, they split the series with the Browns but give up yet another game, allowing the Browns to go ahead in that race by 2 games deep in the season.