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Ravens vs Browns: Kaelin Clay scores on an 82 yard punt return

The newest Raven Kaelin Clay just scored the first points of the game on an 82 yard punt return, the first of his career. The Baltimore Ravens lead the Cleveland Browns 7-0 after this highlight reel return.

You are probably googling the player Kaelin Clay right now and asking who the hell that guy is. He's the new punt returner for the Baltimore Ravens and clearly he's on a hot streak right now.

Cleveland punter Andy Lee boomed the punt 61 yards to Clay as he waited back there. He might have just booted it past his coverage as the new Raven was able to turn on the jets and beat the punter for this amazing punt return for a touchdown. It marks Clay's second game as a pro and only his fourth punt return.

Clay would even add a little dabbing to the celebration at the end.

Having been initially drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the sixth round, he found his way to the Detroit Lions practice squad. After sending Jeremy Ross packing with his fumble concerns to blame, Clay was brought on to help the team with it's return duties. Now we see why.