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Ravens vs. Browns: Staff Predictions

The Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns will square off for the second and final time this season in Cleveland in week 12. Which team has the edge?

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Week 12 brings a very familiar foe to face the Ravens, the Cleveland Browns. Yet strangely enough, the Ravens might know the enemy better than themselves. With Joe Flacco and Justin Forsett both out for the year, this team is seriously lacking an identity, on both offense and defense. To make sense out of just what will happen Monday night, we went to our writing staff, to see what they thought would happen under the lights in Cleveland.

Wola Odeniran

I was originally going to pick the Baltimore Ravens to win this game against the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night football but since Johnny Manziel is no longer the starting quarterback, that means quarterback Josh McCown will step into that role. The last time McCown played against the Ravens, he threw for over 450 yards in a 33-30 overtime win at Baltimore. In fact, in McCown's last two meetings against the Ravens, McCown beat the Ravens in overtime. I think the Browns win 24-13. I don't see the Ravens offense moving the ball much without Joe Flacco.

Yitzi Weiss

I am expecting the Ravens to be overly conservative and Schaub won't turn over the ball this week. The tight ends and Buck Allen perform well, with lots of short passes. McCown is limited through the air this time around, and the Ravens defense performs admirably, forcing 2 turnovers and stopping the run well all day. That sounds like a recipe for success, but at the end of the day, the Ravens can't convert enough 3rd downs and they fall to the Browns in a close one, 20-17.

Chuck Mills

Matt Schaub is playing. You should really watch some other game. Or do something else. Put your own score here.

Matthew Stevens

Going against the same quarterback that tore through the Ravens for nearly 500 yards earlier in the season, the Ravens won't even be able to rely on their high powered offense to keep it close. With Flacco, Forsett, and Steve Smith Sr. out on injured reserve, this game could and likely will get messy in a hurry for the Ravens.

Ravens: 17 / Browns: 33

Nathan Beaucage

No one knows what might happen when two of the worst teams the AFC has to offer square off on Monday night. This could easily be a huge Browns' win, or it could come down to the wire because let's face it, the Browns have a way of losing. I'm not a Ravens' homer by any means, but I feel like the Ravens go against the grain of this season and find some insane magic, somehow pulling this one off.

Ravens 20 - Browns 17 in OT