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Baltimore Ravens Week 12: Power Rankings

As you could expect, the national media doesn't like the Ravens' outlook now. Yet there are others that seem to still have some faith that the Ravens aren't the absolute worst.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco's injury caused the Ravens already unfavorable spot in the national media's power ranking to get even worse than it already was. Let's take a look.

ESPN: 30 (-1)

Joe Flacco is out for the season with a torn ACL. His backup? Matt Schaub, who was intercepted twice on his 10 pass attempts with the Raiders last season.

SB Nation NFL: 28 (-2) 29

As disappointing as this season has been, Baltimore has been nothing but competitive. Seriously, look at the schedule: nothing but one-score results. Unfortunately, seven of those results have been losses. Fortunately, the latest result was a win, with the Ravens successfully traversing the end-game scenario that has cursed the team time and again this season. Unfortunately, Joe Flacco's now done for the season. Oof. If the injury situation gets any worse for this roster, Ozzie Newsome will be getting on the horn with Vinny Testaverde, Duane Starks and Jim Leonhard to fill the depth chart.


With the odd exception of Pro Football Talk, the Ravens have gone down in the power rankings despite defeating the St. Louis Rams and keeping their faint playoff hopes alive. As you could've predicted, this is because Matt Schaub is the new starting quarterback. The 2015 horror show will mercifully end in six weeks and there's a fair chance that the Ravens might have the 1st overall pick for the first time in franchise history.