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Baltimore Ravens: Name the Tank

We thought of some of our own, but we are hoping our readers can come up with something better....

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With this season going nowhere, now has come the time to go all in on being bad this year. Although I would never want our franchise quarterback to be hurt, the injury to Joe Flacco is helpful in this regard. The Ravens will lose many more games this year, so the best outcome we can hope for is the highest pick possible in a year where we know we have no chance at a meaningful season.

With that in mind, we need to find a Ravens slogan for the rest of the year. I asked the Baltimore Beatdown staff, and here are some of our (mostly mine) suggestions:

Lose Many for Laremy

Horrible for Hargreaves

Blowy for Joey

Don't Compete for Joey B

Lose again for 97 (Bosa)

Pack it in for Jalen

Don't win for Vernon

I am sure the wonderful readers on Beatdown can do this so much better than me, so vote for your favorites, but make sure to leave your own in the comments.