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Joe Flacco ACL Injury: Backup QB Jimmy Clausen scouting report

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Now that franchise quarterback Joe Flacco has officially gone on injured reserve, the Ravens only have a single quarterback in Matt Schaub. Unless they wanted to roll with punter Sam Koch - AKA: Musketarm - taking snaps behind center, they needed to find a suitable backup quickly. Enter former Bears quarterback Jimmy Clausen.

Clausen comes to the Ravens after a short stint in Chicago, where he got to know Baltimore's offensive coordinator and former Bears coach Marc Trestman. There is even some whispers that the Ravens might want to keep Clausen on the roster in 2016 instead of Schaub as a way to cut some of their salary cap problems. Since we don't know much about Clausen outside of his record and stats, we asked the people that saw him last, SB Nation's own Windy City Gridiron, about what type of quarterback the Ravens now have on the depth chart.

The Chicago Bears are 1-11 in games that Jimmy Clausen has started. Let that sink in for a moment. And the reason they likely cut him and promoted third stringer David Fales from the practice team was because they knew the Ravens would be looking, and didn't want to be stuck with Clausen as the only option behind Jay Cutler. I really feel bad for the Ravens with the loss of Joe Flacco-- anytime you lose someone like that to injury it's a terrible thing-- but if you're hoping for any kind of stability at the quarterback position in his absence, Clausen won't exactly give you much help.  On the plus side, he can be considered a veteran and knows how to read defenses.  So I mean, at least he has played in games before and taken snaps in live football action.

But if I were the Ravens I would probably try to figure out a way to not have him as a #2 next season.

Well that isn't exactly a glowing recommendation from Dane Noble. Then again, you'd have to figure any quarterback on the open market right now would probably garner the same response from their last teams.

If Clausen was good enough to start on a team, he'd be doing so for the number of teams that are looking for a quarterback still. Hopefully the Ravens won't have to see Clausen play any snaps this season and if they do decide to keep him on the roster in 2016 instead of Schaub, they get the same type of ironman performance out of Flacco that they have over the last 8 seasons.

PS: We were pointed towards this by Dane Nobles at Windy City Gridiron.

Jimmy Clausen can grow facial hair! Photo by Jose M Osorio (Twitter: @JoseMOsorio) of the Chicago Tribune.

Posted by Windy City Gridiron: For Chicago Bears Fans on Sunday, November 15, 2015

I wonder if Clausen has to announce to his teammates that he was a child predator with that stache?