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Which Cleveland Browns player would you take to fill out the 2015 depth chart?

The Cleveland Browns may be 2-8, but it doesn't mean that their roster doesn't have valuable talent. Especially for a talent depleted team like the Baltimore Ravens.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns may be 2-8, but they have talent on their roster. Talent that would benefit the Baltimore Ravens greatly. So the question is, if you could take one player off of the Browns roster, which one would benefit the Ravens?

I thought about it. I thought about choosing wide receiver Josh Gordon but he is probably one more incident away from getting booted from the NFL for a very long time.

I thought about pro bowl left tackle Joe Thomas replacing Ravens left tackle Eugene Monroe. Monroe is almost always hurt for the Ravens. And one could argue that if Monroe was healthy, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco would still be standing today as Monroe's replacement James Hurst didn't do a great job against the St. Louis Rams in week 12.

I thought about wide receiver Travis Benjamin who is one of the most electrifying NFL players out there. Benjamin has blazing speed at wide receiver. He can also be a punt returner. He would help solve both of those problems for the Ravens for sure.

I also thought about cornerback Joe Haden. Having Haden on the roster would be a big boost to the Ravens secondary. His presence would allow Lardarius Webb to play safety more than he already has, and it would take a little bit of pressure off of cornerback Jimmy Smith.

There's only one choice to be made. I would choose Haden. Finding good corners in this league is tough and when you can find them, you keep them. The Ravens know about that all too well as their secondary has seen more changes than an auto bot over the last three seasons.

My second choice would have been Thomas. Thomas is a hall of fame candidate at the left tackle position and it would be great not having to worry about Flacco's blindside for a few more years.