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Are the Baltimore Ravens 2015 playoff hopes still alive at 3-7 after Joe Flacco's injury?

The Ravens are 3-7 and they are packing up for next season right? Wrong. The Ravens are still in the playoff hunt.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens don't have a realistic shot of winning the AFC North division obviously as sit at 3-7 and the division leading Cincinnati Bengals sit at 8-2. But that doesn't mean that the Ravens don't have a shot at the AFC Wild Card spot. The Ravens are only two games out of the sixth and final playoff spot in the AFC. Only two games out! The Kansas City Chiefs hold the final wild card spot.

With all of the injuries the Ravens have sustained this year, especially with quarterback Joe Flacco out for the season, just think how amazing it would be if the Ravens were able to pull off a six game winning streak and make the postseason with Matt Schaub as their starting quarterback?

Ravens final six games:

Ya, it probably won't happen. Especially when this team hasn't had a two game winning streak all year. But once again at the same time, it is incredible at this point that the Ravens are only two games out of a wild card spot. That doesn't say anything about the Ravens, but more about how awful the rest of the AFC is at this point. Only five teams in the AFC right now have a winning record.

However, with as soft of a stretch as the Ravens have had all season long, it is still possible that things suddenly turn around for them and the team rallies around it's most devastating injuries. The fact that they aren't already mathematically eliminated is still a wonderful feeling after what has been a terrible season.