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Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel might be benched due to partying video

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

In another display that the kid just doesn't get it, yet another video popped up online of Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel partying in a club during his bye week. Earning the scorn of his head coach and the rumor that he might be benched due to the incident around social media.

While normally this wouldn't be an issue for most players, Manziel's habitual need to make headlines through his short career has shortened his leash with fans and the Cleveland Browns' management. It also comes after the quarterback had a stint in rehab and admitted that he has an alcohol problem with the video showing him swinging around a rather large and expensive bottle of champagne.

It all compounds into the story you see today because Manziel had told reporters he was going to use the week off to "relax" heading into a Monday Night matchup against the division rival Baltimore Ravens as a starting quarterback.

Now that the Browns had given Manziel the chance to showcase his talents, he chose the worst opportunity to do anything but stay at home, study the playbook and review film. A normal quarterback finally getting their chance to show that they were worthy of a first-round pick and deserving of the starting job would have begun to put their nose into the playbook and film and spend as much time after practices with their teammates to get their comfort level as high as possible.

As we see here and have seen throughout his career, Manziel just doesn't get it. He's a young kid still and sadly for him, he's in a profession where there won't be a job for him by the time he finally matures and is ready for the spotlight. As it stands, the Ravens might not see him on Monday night any longer.