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New York Jets release linebacker Quinton Coples, Baltimore Ravens should show interest

The 3-7 Ravens could use all the help they can get and a former first-round defender just got waived. Finally, something positive has potentially fallen into their laps.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have released former first-round pick Quinton Coples earlier today with understanding that he just didn't fit their scheme. Given that he is 6-foot-6 and 290-pounds being asked to play linebacker, I doubt it was the scheme that had anything to do with it. The Ravens with the 4th waiver wire spot, could and should make a play for Coples.

The Ravens are in desperate need of all the pass rushing help they can get after outside linebacker Terrell Suggs tore his Achilles tendon in week 1 against the Denver Broncos. While Elvis Dumervil and company have gotten better as the season has wore on, the injection of a former first-round pick would help the 3-7 Ravens. Especially when you consider his 16.5 sacks in his first 3 seasons since coming of North Carolina in 2012.

The Ravens would likely slide Coples into the defensive end position, allowing him to eat up space in run defense as well as rush the quarterback. Given that he has been used as a linebacker by the New York Jets so far, he has the ability to even drop back into coverage or split time as an outside linebacker for definite pass rush situations. The best part about Coples is that he is still on his rookie deal, allowing the Ravens to get much needed help at a fraction of the cost.

Coming out of North Carolina, Coples was one of the elite prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft, earning glowing praise in just about every scouting report. Our own SB Nation took a look at him back in 2012 with their own take and it looks like he is a much better fit on a 3-4 defense where he can use his big body and arms to manhandle offensive lines and possibly switch back to linebacker to rush the quarterback.

Other teams will definitely be interested in the former 16th overall pick as well, so the Ravens should pounce on him now that they have been given the chance.