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Baltimore Ravens promote Chuck Jacobs to 53-man roster, waive Joe Morgan

The Ravens continue to make small roster adjustments in swapping young receivers around on the depth chart. Gone is Joe Morgan and in is Chuck Jacobs. Both present the same talent as deep threats for the Ravens.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

With the loss of quarterback Joe Flacco and running back Justin Forsett for the season, the Ravens are likely beginning to use this season as a more in-depth scouting combine. The Ravens have waived former Saints wide receiver Joe Morgan and brought former San Francisco 49er Chuck Jacobs.

The Ravens signed Morgan on November 4th to help add depth to a wide receiver group that was quickly thinning out due to the loss of Steve Smith Sr. and Michael Campanaro. The 27-year old wide receiver never saw any action even though he had been on the roster for nearly a month, catching no passes.

In exchange, the Ravens have taken wide receiver Chuck Jacobs from the practice squad and added him to the 53-man roster. Jacobs has played in no games through his short career, but has the speed to be an additional deep threat for the Ravens behind Chris Givens.

Jacobs has the look of a lot of the young receivers the Ravens have recently begun to play. He is undersized, but can use his speed to find holes in zone coverage and make plays after the catch. If Jacobs does see significant action in the receiver rotation, expect him to be used a lot like how Jeremy Ross and Jeremy Butler have been used this season.