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Baltimore Ravens vs St. Louis Rams Final Score: Ravens win on the leg of Tucker 16-13

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Ravens have won their third game of the 2015 NFL season against the St. Louis Rams on the leg of Justin Tucker.

Despite missing a field goal late in the game and giving the Rams a chance to secure their victory, a strip sack by outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw gave the Ravens the ball back in great field position. No timeouts and only 45 seconds on the clock, the arm of quarterback Joe Flacco and legs of Javorius Allen put the Ravens in position to kick the winning 47-yard field goal. Justin Tucker had been 0-2 on the day, missing two 51-yard field goals earlier, so the extra 4 yards mattered.

The Ravens played a very sloppy game, but were lucky that they were playing against another team that tried their hardest to give the game back to the Ravens. The Ravens had a total of 10 penalties for 137 yards, giving the Rams more yards than their passing attack could muster (131) all game long. Quarterback Joe Flacco threw 2 interceptions, both terrible floated throws that missed wide open targets.

However, the Rams would miss a 52-yard field goal and have an extra point blocked, leaving points on the field. The 4 lost fumbles throughout the game also gave the Ravens every possible chance you could ask for, still only allowing Baltimore to put up 16 total points.

With the win, the Ravens move slightly away from the first overall pick in the NFL Draft, but have bigger questions moving forward. Veteran running back Justin Forsett broke his arm on a run play when defensive lineman Aaron Donald got penetration and slammed Forsett to the ground. Forsett wouldn't return to the game, putting in rookie Javorius Allen as the starting running back. Left tackle had yet another issue, this time a shoulder injury that took him out of the game and put in his backup James Hurst in his stead. Hurst, having been graded as the worst left tackle in the league this season by Pro Football Focus actually handled himself fairly well. Now Baltimore's coaches have to figure out what they will do both in this season and long-term for Forsett and Monroe and whether either will return in 2016.

It was a rough game throughout all four quarters, but the Ravens pushed in the closing minute and did what they needed to do to put themselves in a position to win the game. It might not have been the beatdown fans would have hoped for, but it was a good start.